More detailed info. about our Suppliers:

Famous for old world flavor and quality in Puff Paste and Danish. Makers of 
Puff Flake and Flake Mor for high quality pastry shortenings and margarine's.

atalanta corporation
Atalanta Corporation is a multinational food importer specializing in meat, cheese, groceries, fruit juice concentrates and fish products from around the world.

California dried fruit instantly elevate the flavor and appearance of even the most basic baked goods. All forms of California fruit have a distinct sweet flavor with eye appeal that carries through even when a finished product is over baked. California Fruit Inc has a full product line of dried fruits available for your baking and manufacturing needs.  Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines are only a few of the products available. Additionally they have many different sizes and grades available including Diced and Paste Products.

Camerican International is a major food ingredient importer. Their products are sourced from over 35 countries throughout the world. Most of the products are available in canned, bulk pack, flexible packaging, or frozen. Working with a Camerican allows the Kamberg company to sell major items such as artichokes, mushrooms, peppers, pimentos, pepperoncini, jalapeno peppers, pineapple, mandarin oranges, Tomato Paste, pasta and cheese.

The Cherry Central Company is more than cherries. Cherry Central is the industry leader in red tart cherries, apples and blueberries and is also a major supplier of cranberries, strawberries, pomegranate arils and asparagus grown on farms across the United States, Canada and worldwide. Working closely with their member cooperatives, they grow, harvest and process fruit and vegetables picked only at peak ripeness. The burst of flavor and healthy goodness you'll find in Cherry Central products are distributed internationally. Major manufacturers trust them to supply them with dried, frozen, canned and custom products of superior taste, texture and appearance just as they have since 1973.

Continente Nut has a very rich history in the Oakley area of California. The
Continente Family established residency in Oakley, in the early 1900s, the
same location where they are headquartered today. Their company's involvement in
the food industry traces back to Italy, prior to their ancestors immigrating
to the United States. As in Italy, they have been involved in farming and
producing various fruits, vegetables and of course nut products.

They provide the highest quality California-grown walnuts and carry a
complete inventory of shelled walnuts from halves to meal, as well inshell. They are
available in twenty-five pound cases for shelled and fifty pound sacks for
inshell. The processing plant is supported by some of California's best growers
with the finished product being supplied to many of the worlds leading
Bakeries, Ice Cream and Retail Packages.

We encourage you to try product from Continente Nut Company.

Decas Cranberry
Decas Cranberry Products is the oldest independently owned cranberry processing company in the country.  Decas is fully vertically integrated.  They own and farm 450 acres and represent another 160 growers who collectively own and farm over 2,000 additional acres.  Decas controls everything from the farm on through handling and processing on through its delivery.

The “Decas Difference” is noticeable immediately upon review of their products.  Over the years they have developed and maintained a reputation for superior customer service and for providing their customers with the highest quality products available.  Decas is the only processor to provide a size option is SDC’s.  They have developed a smaller berry SDC that allows for greater fruit and color dispersion.  Decas was also the first processor to process their dried cranberries with cranberry as the first ingredient, rather than sugar/sucrose/corn syrup like so many other processors.  Other processors have now followed Decas’s lead.

Cranberries offer several important health benefits.  Health researchers today are producing reliable evidence that cranberries are not only a healthy, low-calorie fruit, but they can also play a significant role in preventing, urinary tract infections and reducing the risk of gum disease, ulcers, heart disease, and cancer.

Del Rey Raisin Company
More than 70 years has passed since Neshan Chooljian began packing raisins 
and personally delivering them to market. His strong work ethic and 
uncompromising standards have been handed down through three generations at 
Del Rey Packing Company, and remains as the underlying force which drives 
their commitment to "Quality First."

Check out this article in Food & Drink Magazine about the company.

Del Rey Packing Company packs premium quality California raisins to your 
precise specifications. Then they ship them around the world or around the 
corner, whatever your needs may be. Their commitment to customer 
satisfaction is well know within the industry. Their desire to serve your 
needs is backed by a personal commitment to you. Its this personal commitment 
which is the primary reason why customers remain with Del Rey Packing Company 
year after year.

Technology in raisin processing is forever advancing, and Del Rey Packing 
Company embraces new technology with a no holds barred attitude. They 
utilize the latest raisin sorting system available, the Simco-Ramic Optisort, 
which raises precision-processing to an entirely new platform. In addition, 
they are continually upgrading our other processing and packaging equipment 
to meet your changing needs.

Iowa Corn
Iowa Corn Processors is a full service corn dry mill located in the heart of the Corn Belt.  They produce a full line of quality products including grit, meal and flour.  ICP is a modern, stat-of-the-art facility designed for and constructed on, an ideal sight with excellent access to transportation. 

The patented process employed by Iowa Corn Processors accomplishes extremely efficient germ and bran removal at the very beginning of milling.  This insures a yield of very low fat, very low fiber products, which can receive maximum attention to size control and granulation profile.


Jewel Date
The Jewel Date company started as a Dried Fruit Marketer but in 1997 they purchased a date packer that had been processing and packing fruit since 1935.  They are now one of the largest Processors and Packers of Dates in the Coachella Valley still using many of the age-old processors that have been passed down since the beginning.


A leading import supplier of nuts, seeds, fruits and cocoa powder to the dried fruit and nut commodities industry. The products they supply allow the Kamberg Company to offer to you cashew nuts, Brazilnuts, hazelnuts, pinenuts, Macadamia Nuts, raisins, coconut, banana chips, and Mango from around the world. Along with their highest quality nut and fruit products available, they offer the experience, buying power and service you need to remain competitive in our ever-changing industry.

Mandalay offers the industrial market consistent premium quality products and 
specialized technical expertise to assist in your research and development 
efforts. Whether your specialty is baked goods, frozen entrees, dessert, 
jams and jellies, Mandalay makes a distinctive difference.

Navarro Pecan Company, Inc., the youngest of the major pecan shelling 
companies in the United States, ranks one of the largest shellers of pecans 
in the world. Organized in 1977, the corporation is proud to have won the 
approval of many national food manufacturers which use pecans as an 
ingredient. Navarro Pecans are found in a variety of brand-name food 

In striving to process the cleanest pecans possible, NPC removes dust from 
the atmosphere as the shells are cracked. Operating on a 24-hour basis 
throughout the year, NPC has an annual shelling capacity of more than 50 
million pounds of inshell pecans. Navarro is equipped to shell native as 
well as improved varieties, also know as paper shell pecans.

In addition, NPC has the capacity to refrigerate more than 20 million pounds 
of pecans, maintaining them at the peak of freshness for shelling throughout 
the year. Navarro Pecan Company, Inc. can supply the needs of any food 

Versatility makes the pecan an attractive ingredient to a wider variety of 
foods than any other nut meat. Pecans are used in soups, salads, casseroles 
and desserts. They are an essential ingredient in premium baked goods, 
candies and ice-cream. 

Consider how Navarro Pecans can enhance your product.


From the cool Willamette Valley of northwest Oregon comes the grand hazelnut that has been cultivated for over a hundred years. Many agree that their fertile Willamette Valley produces the world's best hazelnuts. In fact more than 99 percent of the U.S. production comes from Oregon.

The Northwest Hazelnut Company presents a full variety of nut forms ideal for baking, confections, snacks, cereals, and toppings. Imagine what you can do with the unique flavor and texture of Northwest Hazelnuts.


Oatka Milk Products is located just outside of Buffalo in Batavia New York. 
A quality company producing a variety of milk products for your baking needs.

Evaporated Filled Milk is a prepared blend of skimmed milk, vegetable oil, 
stabilizers, and vitamins. It is homogenized. It is sealed in a container 
and so processed by heat, after sealing, as to prevent spoilage.

We encourage you to contact us regarding the purchase of Evaporated Milk.


Purely Pomegranate is a leader in the production and supply of premium pomegranate and other Specialty Dried Fruit products. Their experienced team shares a passion for creating value added products that deliver more than just superior flavor. They offer 100% all natural products using the highest quality ingredients to meet the needs of consumers.

Sioux Honeys advanced processing technology allows them to product honey by 
the bucket, by the barrel, or by the tanker truckload for industrial use. 
Their sophisticated transportation network ensures prompt delivery of Sue 
Bee, which is used in a wide variety of products - from cereals and bakery 
items, to brewery and meat products. Sioux Honey is the largest marketer of 
honey in the world. The Association's 400,000-pound daily capacity and large 
inventory allow us to practice sophisticated blending techniques and assure 
consistent flavor and appearance. Sioux maintains the finest and most modern 
full time laboratory staff. Quality control is a continuous process as honey 
samples are carefully tested and checked. Research is ongoing in an effort 
to improve product quality and to develop new uses for honey. The three 
modern processing facilities include flash heating and cooling units, filter 
presses and pumps that deliver the finished product to the packing line. 
Also, Spun honey spread mixing tanks and seed grinders are exclusive 
developments of Sioux Honey's research staff. Sioux is available to you for 
any of your honey needs.

S. Kamberg & Company Consulting
We here at S. Kamberg & Company feel that small to medium size manufactures are noticing how critical it is to have a HACCP - Food safety plan in place especially when it comes to selling to large high profile accounts and also when using high profile distributors for your products.  It is a great selling tool and will help as it relates to large companies, such as airlines, gourmet stores, and others looking for you to do their private labels, packaging, etc.  HACCP (HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT) is a prevention-based food safety system.  HACCP systems are designed to prevent the inherent risks attributable to a product or a process and then determining the necessary steps that will control the identified risks.

Your facility would benefit from this in all aspects; it is a total and complete control.  We personally conduct the implementation of the plan as our team has extensive food safety experience such as:

We find many instances within the industry of “putting out fires” and dealing with the daily grind as opposed to really managing business effectively, so in addition we also offer an inventory tracking system that is an excel based program tailored to your ingredients to help keep track of your daily/weekly and monthly key measures.  By implementing our program, your company will have the opportunity to gain the following: 

We think we can make the above work for you in a very small amount of time.  Let us know of your interest.

Supreme Almonds of California, Inc. is a processor and marketer of whole natural almonds. Their family-owned and managed business has been growing almonds for over 25 years. Growing, processing and marketing their own almonds gives them more control over the quality of product they provide to their customers. Their varieties include, Nonpareil, Carmel, California and Mission.

Treehouse Almond Company is a nut processing and marketing company specializing in high Spec, high Quality, manufactured Almond Products. The plant is located in Earlimart, California, and their processed almonds are marketed to all 50 states and more than 90 foreign countries, helping to make almonds California's largest food export, and the sixth largest U.S. food export.

WESTERN PACIFIC OILS Western Pacific Oils has over 50 years of experience in the edible oils and fats industry.  They work with leading producers of refined and fractionated oils and fats. Their relationships with the refineries they work directly with have strategic locations with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities world wide, producing a wide range of oil products which many are specially tailored to meet their customers needs.

The palm refineries they work with are the some of the largest palm refineries in the world, taking pride in their efficient operations and management. The refineries are strategically located within the vicinity of Malaysia's busiest ports, ultra modern refining complexes with direct pumping facilities to sea-calling vessels. The refineries are ISO9001:2000 certified and HACCP accredited.

With years of edible oil refining experience, they have progressively embraced best practices in both quality management systems and palm oil refining technologies. Their highly skilled and motivated workforce ensures stringent and sustainable product quality assurance.